Inno Setup Preprocessor: Find


int Find(int 1, str 2, int? 3, str? 4, int? 5, str? 6, int? 7)


Find function is intended to be used with insert directive. Function returns the index of the line in a translation depending on specified criteria.

First parameter denotes the index of the line to start the search from, usually it is set to zero.

Second, fourth, and sixth parameters should specify string(s) to search within each line. Only the second parameter must be specified whereas fourth and sixth may be omitted.

Third, fifth, and seventh parameters should specify the search flags for each string meaning that third parameter specifies flags for second, fifth for fourth, and seventh for sixth.

If any of the 'flags' parameters is omitted but the string parameter preceding it is specified, FIND_MATCH | FIND_AND (i. e. 0) is assumed.

Values for third, fifth, and seventh parameters of Find function are declared in ISPPBuiltins.iss file. See Find flags topic for the description of each value.

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