Inno Setup Preprocessor: Find flags


One of the following four values must be specified:

FIND_MATCH (0) means that the line must match the search string.

FIND_BEGINS (1) means that the line must start with the search string.

FIND_ENDS (2) means that the line must end with the search string.

FIND_CONTAINS (3) means that the line must contain (i. e. it also can match, begin, or end with) the search string.

Any of the following modifiers may be combined with one of the previous using bitwise OR operator (|):

FIND_CASESENSITIVE (4) means that comparison must be case-sensitive.

FIND_AND (0) means that this criterium (the pair of arguments in Find function) must be met as well as previous criteria.

FIND_OR (8) means that it is allowed that this criterium is tested even if previous criteria were not met.

FIND_NOT (16) means that this criterium must not be met.

FIND_AND and FIND_OR are mutually exclusive. If both are specified, FIND_OR takes precedence.

Special flags:

FIND_TRIM (32) means that leading and trailing whitespaces must be stripped off from the line prior to testing it against all the criteria. This flag can only be used in the third argument of the Find function. It is not mutually exclusive with any of the previously mentioned flags.