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Inno Setup Mailing List

If you wish to be notified by e-mail of new Inno Setup releases, subcribe to the mailing list:

  • Notifications:
    • You can get notified of new messages via e-mail by subscribing to the mailing list.
    • You can subscribe without using an account by sending an e-mail to innosetup-announce+subscribe AT googlegroups.com and replying to the confirmation by e-mail. Check your spam folder if you don't receive any confirmation.
    • Subscribing by using the web interface at requires a Google account but this does NOT require a Gmail account, see https://accounts.google.com/SignUpWithoutGmail.
    • After subscribing by using the web interface you can logout of your Google account to avoid any tracking.
    • If you do not get any messages via e-mail after subscribing check your spam folder.
    • The mailing list hides its member list, so subscribing does not reveal your e-mail address or name to others.
  • Instead of using the web interface or subscribing, you can use the RSS and Atom feeds to read the mailing list without using an account.
  • Announcements of insignificant patches may not be sent to the mailing list, but they will always announced on the forums.
  • You can't post to the mailing list. For discussion, use the forums.

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